Tyres Management Software – eTyreLife

eTyrelife is a web based, professional software application designed for fleet companies (truck/bus) to easily manage tyres, enhance their efficiency and reduce expenses significantly.


With eTyreLife you can control and identify the usage, Tyre-wear and mileage of every Tyre.

No Software Installation

No Maintenance hassles

No hidden charges

All you need is a PC/Laptop/Smartphone with Internet.


With eTyreLife , you can control the usage and cost of tyres. eTyreLife will allow you to produce replacement projection and prevent downtime.

Vehicle & Tyre Inventory management

Monitor expenses towards each tyre

Tyre pressure analysis

Cost per Kilometre (CPK) analysis of each tyre

Manage Tyre inspection, rotation, swapping

Manage trailers & external odometers

Calculate exact air pressure for the load on vehicle.


  • Brand Performance-CPK
  • Tyre Pressure Analysis
  • Tyre Inspection Details
  • Vehicles Not Inspected
  • Vehicle Inspection Frequency
  • Scrap Tyres - Details
  • Damaged Tyres
  • Spare Tyres on Vehicles
  • Tread Wear % - Analysis
  • Tyre Performance Analysis
  • Disposed Tyres
  • Scrap Tyres
  • Tyre Rotation Details
  • Tyre Rotation Frequency
  • Tyre Swap Details
  • Tyres To Be Replaced
  • Tyre Distribution (size wise, location wise, Brand wise, phase wise)
  • Tyres To Be Replaced
  • Tyres On Vehicles
  • Tyres in Stock
  • Tyre Life Cycle